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Cutleries set consists of straw, forks, spoons, etc designed for both multiple-time use and single-use. Made up of bamboo, wooden, coconut, steel, corn husk, etc make cutleries more astonishing and eco-friendly. Feast in style and star zero waste life from today.

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  • Steel Straws Steel Straws
    Quickshop Made from stainless steel, these steel straws from Enva Plax are a...
    Steel Straws
    Regular price Rs. 80.00
  • Bamboo straw Bamboo straw
    Quickshop Bamboo straws by Enva Plax are handmade, sustainably sourced, and biodegradable. These...
    Bamboo straw
    Regular price Rs. 50.00
  • Coconut Bowls
    Quickshop These Coconut Bowls are a big step towards achieving sustainability, utilising nature...
    Coconut Bowls
    Regular price Rs. 340.00
  • Bamboo Cutlery Set Bamboo Cutlery Set
    Quickshop This cutlery set from Enva Plax, made from natural bamboo, has a...
    Bamboo Cutlery Set
    Regular price Rs. 380.00
  • Glass Sipper Bottle Glass Sipper Bottle
    Quickshop Product Description: 100% borosilicate Glass Sipper has real wood friction-fit lid. Silicon...
    Glass Sipper Bottle
    Regular price Rs. 980.00
  • Cork Coaster Cork Coaster
    Quickshop Product Description: Our eco-friendly Cork Coasters are made of natural cork, are...
    Cork Coaster
    Regular price Rs. 290.00