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  • Hemp Planner Hemp Planner
    Quickshop Organic handmade hemp dairies from Enva Plax are exclusively designed for you....
    Hemp Planner
    Regular price Rs. 240.00
  • Traditional Diary
    Quickshop These diaries from Enva Plax are handmade of recycled paper and cardboard...
    Traditional Diary
    Regular price Rs. 130.00
  • Plantable Calendar Plantable Calendar
    Quickshop From plans to plants: Introducing our Seed Calendars! Stay organized while nurturing...
    Plantable Calendar
    Regular price Rs. 470.00
  • Coir Pots Coir Pots
    Quickshop Coir pots by Enva Plax are derived from the husk of the...
    Coir Pots
    Regular price Rs. 90.00
  • Plantable Seed Pens - Set of 5 Plantable Seed Pens - Set of 5
    Quickshop Product Description:  Handmade from 100% recycled paper, these pens are ideal for...
    Plantable Seed Pens - Set of 5
    Regular price Rs. 50.00
  • Kalpataru Handmade Notebook Kalpataru Handmade Notebook
    Quickshop Product Description: Made from finest quality eco-friendly Handmade paper. Spiral handmade notebooks from...
    Kalpataru Handmade Notebook
    Regular price Rs. 430.00
  • Cork Diary Cork Diary
    Quickshop A sustainable innovation blending cork’s natural charm and insulating properties, preserving dairy...
    Cork Diary
    Regular price Rs. 340.00
  • Plantable Notebook
    Quickshop Unleash your creativity while nurturing nature with our plantable notepad. Jot down...
    Plantable Notebook
    Regular price Rs. 80.00
  • Bamboo Diary With Pen Bamboo Diary With Pen
    Quickshop Product DescriptionEco-Friendly Travel Notebook Made of 100% Recycled Paper & Bamboo Hard...
    Bamboo Diary With Pen
    Regular price Rs. 520.00

Enva Plax Stationery Collection

Enva Plax offers a wide selection of eco-friendly products that are designed to improve sustainability in everyday work and educational environments. To ensure both practicality and environmental responsibility, this collection includes a range of stationery products made from sustainable materials including bamboo, hemp, cork, and recycled paper.

The Hemp Planner, which is composed completely of hemp, is one of the collection's most notable products. This planner is a great example of a useful eco-friendly gift because it provides a sustainable option for managing calendars and tasks. In the same way, the Traditional Diary and Cork Diary combine design and sustainability with environmentally responsible construction. They are perfect for professional and everyday writing.

The Plantable Calendar and Plantable Notebook introduce a unique concept where these items can be planted after their use. This innovative approach supports a zero-waste lifestyle by turning used stationery into green life, displaying recyclable solutions.

Coir Pots, made from coir, are another eco-conscious product ideal for small plants. These biodegradable pots help reduce waste and are proof of the usability of organic products in everyday life. The Plantable Seed Pens, available in a set of five, contain seeds that can be planted after use, combining practicality with an eco-friendly purpose.

Completing the collection is the Kalpataru Handmade Notebook and Bamboo Diary with Pen. Each is made from sustainable materials, offering unique and eco-friendly alternatives to conventional stationery. These products not only serve their primary function but also promote the use of eco-friendly apparel in their construction.

The Enva Plax Stationery Collection's products are all made to be both fashionable and useful, making them appropriate for usage in academic and professional environments. They encourage environmental care while offering useful, long-lasting answers to daily problems.

This collection encourages customers to adopt greener habits by using items that decrease environmental effects, displaying the company's dedication to sustainability. Customers may enjoy premium, visually appealing stationery while helping create a more sustainable future by including these environmentally friendly products in everyday routines.