Customer Purchase Flow

Product selection and cart review: The customer selects the products they want to purchase on our website and adds them to their cart. They then review their cart to ensure that they have added the correct items and quantities.

Guest checkout: The customer enters their shipping details and their contact information and checks out

Payment method selection: The customer selects the Paytm payment option as their preferred payment method.

Confirmation of order and payment details: The customer confirms the details of their order, including the products they are purchasing and the total amount due. They also confirm the payment details, including the payment method and the amount they will be charged.

Payment processing and completion: The customer is redirected to the Paytm payment gateway to complete the transaction. They enter their payment details, such as their Paytm wallet balance or card information, and authorize the payment. Once the payment is processed successfully, the customer is redirected back to our website, and their order is confirmed.