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A wide range of well-designed reusable and sustainable bottles. Easy to carry multipurpose bottles can be used for storing water, juice etc and keep them healthy.  Bottles made up of copper, terracotta, zinc, steel bamboo, etc are the best replacement for plastic bottles. The outside coating of bottle is Neem and Mahogany. Great initiative towards promoting Indian craft.

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  • Rice Husk Coffee Tumbler
    Quickshop These organic tumblers from Enva Plax are handmade from the husk of...
    Rice Husk Coffee Tumbler
    Regular price Rs. 350.00
  • Glass Sipper Bottle Glass Sipper Bottle
    Quickshop Product Description: 100% borosilicate Glass Sipper has real wood friction-fit lid. Silicon...
    Glass Sipper Bottle
    Regular price Rs. 980.00
  • Bamboo Steel Coffee Tumbler Bamboo Steel Coffee Tumbler
    Quickshop Product Description: Elegant, Bamboo coated, alternative to plastic and sleek tumbler is...
    Bamboo Steel Coffee Tumbler
    Regular price Rs. 730.00
  • Wooden Copper Bottle Wooden Copper Bottle
    Quickshop Product Description: Enigmatic Copper Insulated Bottle in anti-bacterial neem/mahogany wood and stylish...
    Wooden Copper Bottle
    Regular price Rs. 1,750.00
  • Bamboo Steel Bottle Bamboo Steel Bottle
    Quickshop Product Description: Stylish Bamboo coated stainless steel bottle with double wall material,...
    Bamboo Steel Bottle
    Regular price Rs. 670.00
  • Steel Bottle Steel Bottle
    Quickshop A durable and eco-friendly companion, the stainless steel bottle combines sleek design...
    Steel Bottle
    Regular price Rs. 580.00